5 things you need to know about lube

5 things you need to know about lube

Ember says...

Using lube is one of THE best ways to improve sex.  There are a few stereotypes out there about using lube, such as it's for the older generation.  Nobody tells you that lube enhances everything, from a massage to using condoms.

Here's 5 things you need to know:

Types of lube

Water-based, oil-based and silicone are the three main types and each have their pro's and con's.

Water-based lube is perfect if you are using latex condoms as it doesn't break them down the way oil-based lube does.  Water-based also comes in organic and paraben free varieties so if you have sensitive skin, these types should not cause irritation.

Try ID Glide or ID Fruitopia for flavoured lube.  Astroglide's Sensitive Skin gel is paraben and glycerin free.

Oil-based lube is not safe to use with latex condoms as it can break down the rubber and lead to unprotected sex.  It is however perfect for massages and water play and is safe to use with silicone toys

Astroglide's O Organic oil blend is Ember's favourite.

Silicone lube is condom safe and is perfect if you are having a long session and don't want to reapply too often.  It isn't safe though with silicone toys as it can damage them.

Astoglide's X Premium Silicone Gel is one of the best.

CBD lubes are currently trending.  HighOnLove's range offers beautifully packaged CBD Lube and Stimulating O Gel.  There are many benefits to using CBD infused lubes.  They promote the production of natural lubricants, can increase blood flow and overall sex drive.  A more intense orgasmic experience is also on the cards with these luxurious products.  The full range can be round here.

Ways to use lube

Nipples for foreplay, vulva for sex with a partner or a toy, in the bath or shower, for a massage or for anal.  Or, for good old masturbation with your hand.  Lube enhances it all.  Apply as little or as much as you like, there are no set rules.

Lube post menopause

The hormonal changes experienced during and after the menopause can have an impact on how much your vagina produces its own lubrication and whether sex starts to become uncomfortable. 

The good news is that regular sexual activity or vaginal stimulation — with or without a partner — can help maintain healthy vaginal tissues after menopause.

Lube can also help replace the natural wetness and make sex more comfortable.  Paraben / fragrance free lube is recommended for some to reduce irritation.

Lube for anal

Lube makes anal sex safer as it helps avoids tears and rips that can lead to an infection.  The anus has no natural lubricant therefore a little tube of lube is required.

For those new to anal, it also makes it more comfortable, particularly if applied to the butt and what's going in there.  Silicone lube is best if no condoms or toys are being used as it's thicker and needs less re-application.


One of Ember's favourite lube brands is Astroglide.  Partly because of the way it was invented.  Here's an excerpt from Astroglide's About Us page:

"In 1977, a young rocket scientist working on the Space Shuttle Enterprise made a discovery that would intimately enhance the lives of millions around the globe. While working at Edwards Air Force Base to improve the heat transfer in the cooling system of the shuttle orbiter, he discovered a solution that was water-soluble and non-toxic. It was also exceptionally slippery when hydrated. Inspiration struck. 

The young scientist bottled up some of the solution and gifted it to a colleague as a birthday gag. When the birthday boy came back for a refill, he knew he had a product that would help people explore exciting new frontiers in pleasure and ASTROGLIDE was born. 

The young scientist was ASTROGLIDE Inventor, Daniel X. Wray. Dan experimented with over three hundred different versions before settling on the perfect silky-smooth formula that we know and love today. He licensed it to a small North Hollywood-based company in 1982 and continued his work as a rocket scientist, drawing on his chemistry and physics degrees, engineering expertise, and insatiable curiosity. But Dan was truly an inventor and entrepreneur at heart. When the company that licensed the original product closed in 1991, he purchased the rights back and with a small business loan of $8500 BioFilm was born, with ASTROGLIDE its flagship product. The name gave a nod to Dan’s rocket science roots as well as the product’s smooth gliding texture."

Who would have thought it!

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