The four aspects of sexual wellness you need to know about

The four aspects of sexual wellness you need to know about

Ember says…

Defining sexual wellness is tricky.  It means something different from one person to the next.  There are however several things to consider when thinking about your sexual wellness and whether you are content with where you are or whether it needs to improve.

Taking a scientific approach, The Lancet defines four pillars to sexual wellness.  Let’s take a look at them and how they can relate to you:

  • Sexual Health

Sexual health includes the prevention and treatment of STI’s, fertility management, sexual functions and the prevention of sexual violence.

Education on these topics and access to treatment and support is a key element of sexual wellness if you experience any issues with elements of your sexual health.  This is broadly impacted by where you live and the support you can access.

  • Sexual Pleasure

Sexual wellbeing is all about being comfortable with your sexuality.  This is the whole reason EmberHot began.  Being able to determine your sex life, what you enjoy, how you enjoy it and who you enjoy it with, without judgement or recrimination.

When this is in place then your overall sexual wellness improves greatly.

  • Sexual Justice

This pillar includes access to health care, freedom of expression, the improving awareness and acceptance of LGBTQ+ and legal frameworks around this such as same sex marriage.  Sadly, where you are born still determines how this element impacts your sexual wellness.

  • Sexual Wellbeing

Self-care has been a key buzzword throughout the pandemic and more and more people are less afraid to admit that time stuck in lockdown with their partner has meant a joyous increase in sexual experiences or, for those locked down alone, masturbation was an important and enjoyable form of self-care. The increase in sex-toy sales is testament to this.

Being able to have sexual pleasure when and how you like is a major contributor to overall sexual wellness.

How do you currently rate your sexual wellness?

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