Just who is Ember?

Emberhot started with the mission to empower everyone to explore what they enjoy in (and out!) of bed.  Everybody has sex whether on their own, with a partner or with multiple partners and that sex can be very different from one person to another.....and that's ok! 

We are an inclusive, UK based team who celebrate all bodies, sexualities, genders and experience levels.

We are passionate about helping people take the next step on their sexual journey whether you are new to toys and are looking for recommendations, have a few toys and are looking to level up or perhaps have accessibility issues.

Everything in the store is carefully curated to ensure that only the highest quality products are available, supplied by brands we trust and which give the variety needed to help you explore and have the best time.

Take the Temperature Test to get recommendations for products that you will love or for a more personal experience, contact us to find out more about our unique Personal Shopping Service.